Lean Production in Spf Chilo' Spa

Lean Production in Spf Chilo' Spa

In theese last years the company has embarked on a path of Lean Production, aimed at optimizing the production and reduction of internal waste. Also known as Lean Manufacturing or Lean Production, Lean Production is a management methodology that considers wasteful any charges for the resources used for any other purpose other than the creation of value for the customer. Constitutes a set of principles and methods, applied in an organic way, allow you to bring operational excellence processes. workforce within the company S.P.F. It was identified a working team, trained to Lean Production principles, which aims to achieve the objectives of lean manufacturing:

- Reduce delivery times and increase punctuality (level of service);
- Increased efficiency and resource productivity;
- Reduction of processing costs;
- Increase the level of quality;
- Increased flexibility to changes in product mix;
- Reduction of intermediate stocks.

The targets are pursued by applying a mix of techniques and tools useful to describe the flow of value creation, identifying sources of waste to eliminate them, increase the efficiency of the plants, with the aim of optimizing the production process. Lean production will allow the company to enable a continuous improvement cycle and meet the needs of today's market, characterized by small lots and ever shorter delivery. S.P.F. Chilò will thus be able to meet the demands of quality, flexibility and speed of delivery, and meet the needs of its customers.